Words To Empower You To Be Your Best Self in the New Year 2015

Words to Empower You to be Your Best Self in the New Year 2015 Sometimes, an inspirational quote spurs me to my best self.  For many years, I’ve been writing my own quotes and testing them with my clients.  I thought I’d pass on to you some of the ones that have worked the best for me and them! Here are 12 quotes—one for every month. 1.  It is not where you started but where you end up! 2.  Want to feel successful?  Look first at what … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Reduce Stress about Work, Home and Love: Adding Love & Order

Uh-oh—another study about women’s unhappiness at home. The sociologist Arlie Hochschild wrote in her 1997 book, “The Time that Binds,” that time at home with spouses and children was more stressful than time at the office. The author described home as a place where couples had on-going tasks about caring for children, the household, finances, and all the emotional ups and downs of family members. Women were particularly stressed because they … [Read more...]

Holiday Stress Tips: The Holiday Season May Not be the Best Time to Settle Family Grievances

Oh—so you think that just because you are together with your family that it’s a good time to have one of those heart-to-hearts where you grab the opportunity to air your emotional hurts and open wounds. Well, not so fast. It just may not be the best time to settle your grievances. Why It May Not be a Good Idea … [Read more...]