Sexual Abuse of the USA Women Gymnasts: Restoring Outrage, Trust in Our Intuition, and Courage                      

By LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D. Michigan Judge Rosemarie Aquilana’s sentencing of USA gymnastics physician Larry Nassar to 175 years in prison for sexual abuse of the156 women gymnastics accusers finally gave these women survivors more than justice:  It gave them back their self-respect, trust in their instincts, as well as emotional, legal, and cultural support.  It’s too bad it took 20 years to get all these things. How Could This Sexual Abuse … [Read more...]

Your Intuitive Guide To Healthy Friendships

Do you have close friends? Or, do you tend to surround yourself with “friendlies?” Social research continues to show that having a few close friends reduces stress and depression, boosts your immune system, and increases happiness and productivity. But what do you do if your close friends don’t turn out to be supportive and caring? Many social researchers have long known the negative effect of isolation on health, but new research … [Read more...]

Intuitive Guide To Finding Your Passion And Purpose – Part 1

Most of us want to feel that we matter. But there are people, events, and forces in the universe that can make us feel as though we don’t “count.” It’s easy to believe in our insignificance, especially when we consider some things such as: Fame and fortune seem to fool many people into thinking they matter a lot and that the rest of us don’t. Wars and killings make us feel powerless. Recent scientific discoveries about the size of the … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Build Your Confidence

Sometimes we wonder if confident people are born or made. Hmmm… Research shows that nature contributes at least fifty percent to this characteristic. But don’t despair. You can nurture confidence! This article provides tips to boost your confidence. But, first, I want you to explore your thoughts and behavior. In the statements below, select the answer that best describes you. This exercise is not a quiz, and it doesn’t give you a score. … [Read more...]

Do You Know the Secrets to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you know the secrets to keeping New Year's resolutions? I'm going to give you two tips to keeping your New Year's Resolutions. Do you want to know how the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Lion from the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" can help you keep your resolutions? These tips will help you get smart, emotionally brave, and take action that are good for you. These tips can be applied to the most frequent resolutions such as losing weight, going … [Read more...]