Loving, Living and Working with Narcissistic People

Not sure how to deal with a demanding and self-important person? Do you know what to do if you fear your intimate partner--and want to break up? Or, perhaps you have a difficult boss whom you need to please? Dr. LeslieBeth Wish helps you understand what really lurks inside these people--and how to deal wisely and cautiously with them. … [Read more...]

How to Know the Difference Between a Commanding Man vs a Controlling One

Even savvy women can misread a controlling man as a man of substance and success. Unless your intuition is especially fine-tuned, you don't see the "tells." Here are some tips that will make you more intuitive: Observe the man's use of space. Does he move in too close to you? Does he lock eyes on yours? These behaviors tend not to be proof that the man is fascinated in you. In the upside-down world of courtship, those behaviors are indicators … [Read more...]

Dating Advice: Learn to Use Your Intuition So You Never Get Hurt or Used Again in Love.

It is so easy to get emotionally hurt in love. After all, dating is more than "trial and error." It can be "trial and learn!" Your intuition at reading people, at trusting your judgment, and listening to your intuition are all important factors in making life decisions. Watch this video to learn some tested, successful tips. … [Read more...]

Want to conquer being afraid of change? Here are some tips to help you manage your fears!

Do you want to conquer being afraid of change? Do you have anxiety about doing new things? Do you sometimes experience resistance to change--even if you know that change is the right thing to do? Making changes is always difficult. You feel anxious and embarrassed to look foolish. Here are some tips to help you learn to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. You can conquer your fears. Sometimes you just have to feel the fear! Sign up on the … [Read more...]

Are you good at “reading people”? Learn dating advice tips about body language.

Are you good at reading people? Do you have good people-reading skills? Some people have the ability to detect, observe, focus on body language, and read the nonverbal signs and cues of people. But many of us often don't read--or even see--the body language signals and signs from other people--especially when we need them most: on dates! Here are some dating advice tips about reading people that will help you sharpen your attention. … [Read more...]