How to Know the Difference Between a Commanding Man vs a Controlling One

Even savvy women can misread a controlling man as a man of substance and success. Unless your intuition is especially fine-tuned, you don’t see the “tells.” Here are some tips that will make you more intuitive: Observe the man’s use of space. Does he move in too close to you? Does he lock eyes on yours? These behaviors tend not to be proof that the man is fascinated in you. In the upside-down world of courtship, those behaviors are indicators that he wants YOU to be fascinated by HIM! He has radar for women who need approval, and he senses that you need his status to feel better about yourself. Want to test that idea? After the date is over, do you feel: lucky? swept away? overly-excited about him? Use your intuitive observations to decipher who he is–and really is not!


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