Recommended Resources

There is a lot that needs doing to make the world a better place for everyone. I hope the work that I am doing can make a positive difference in the world. But I can’t do it alone.

Below are a list of people and organizations that are doing great work.  I encourage you to check them out. Dr. Carol Morgan is a professor and editor of A Better Me Magazine. She and Dr. Wish are co-authoring a book about trusting your intuition. Both authors empower you to get emotionally brave so you can overcome your fears and remove your stumbling blocks to success. and Kathleen Kanavos is an inspiring speaker about health and wellness, relationships, purposeful living and many more of life’s challenges and triumphs. She is a three-time cancer survivor, and she speaks from the heart and motivates others to build inner strength. Her radio show is is listed among the top 600 websites in the United States, and they offer free resources, news and tools for more than 8 million visitors each month. They’re a leader in consumer advocacy, and they have been featured in a variety of prominent media outlets including The New York Times, CNN, Forbes and AARP.
Their relationship resources include information about dating: A world-wide humanitarian organization working to heal, unite, and empower families and communities, by equipping them with the necessary tools to strengthen individual standards, ethics, and values while, together, raising the next generation. Dr. Wish is a founding expert in Intuition about many of life’s issues in Love, Dating, Mating, Relationships, and Work. Read her articles and tips, and see her videos. An excellent source of information about the top issues in dating.  You can trust the advice since it comes from highly respected industry experts.  Media such as CNN and FoxNews frequently mention the advice. A website that aims to aggregate some of the best self-improvement content from across the web. She is a very caring and trustworthy psychologist and author who specializes in love relationships. An outstanding site that offers sound information from highly selective professionals. Dr. Wish is a regularly featured expert. She is a very wise and empathic psychologist who offers advice ranging from managing love and money. An outstanding community of success-minded women.  The eWomen Network helps women market and promote their business and provide a top notch network of other women and opportunities. Membership also provides coaching, events, and the Success Institute. Yara offers solid and inspiring advice for women about healthy eating and cooking, motherhood, beauty and more. Her goals are to educate women about all aspects of their lives so they can be their best self. FemRouge is a premier resource and inspiration for women. It also features the love advice column Ask Dr. Wish. Dr. Joanne White, Certified Coach, offers caring and sound advice about top issues in life.  Her weekly radio show, Power Your Life, inspires you to take action on finding your happiness, purpose, and joy. Marci Shimoff is a nationally respected expert about love and happiness. The award-winning consumer website of the National Association of Social Workers. Read articles about relationship and marriage advice, divorce tips, dating advice, holiday stress, workplace stress and other important things in life. On the upper right, in “Our Contributors”, type LeslieBeth Wish, and the articles will appear. Dr. Jed Diamond is a nationally recognized expert and author about men and relationships who offers a wealth of trusted, smart, and caring advice. Christelyn Karazin is an outstanding writer who is concerned about women, love, and the rising number of women who are having children out of wedlock.  She provides top advice that helps women be more mindful about their intimate relationships. Colleen Phillips, Life and Career Coach is a wise and experienced coach who is affiliated with the nationally recognized Ken Blanchard life and business coach. Colleen brings both professional and personal advice about forging a life that matters to you. A Top Ten Health website, in affiliation with, reaches over 6 million people.  Dr. Wish serves on the Advisory Board. This show is a storehouse of information and guidance about the most pressing health and mental health topics.  You can rely on them for the latest and most trusted advice. An outstanding source for information about being a mother and parent.  Dr. Wish is on their list of 50 Best Mom Blogs. She is an excellent journalist and novelist, and she has frequently sought Dr. Wish for expert advice for articles. The number one self-improvement site on Yahoo and Google. Dr. Wish is their Expert on Family.  Dr. Wish’s articles offer advice on relationships, marriage, parenting, stress management, workplace issues, holiday stress and other topics. Showcasing Women is the premier site for over a million women entrepreneurs.  The articles offer trusted help you can use in areas such as marketing, team building, leadership, inspiring staff and more. Has a mission to create an actual network of women by inspiring women to notice and celebrate each other in a personal way. She is an exceptional expert and author about reading people, especially for women and dating. is great website for Women’s E-Commerce Association International.  Dr. Wish has written articles as a Relationship Columnist for their WE Magazine. Deb Shuck’s organization and site offers tips and workshops for women owners of small businesses.  Dr. Wish is a frequent speaker at their events. Want solid and trusted advice about love and life for women? This website includes great tips, and it honors Dr. Wish by including her on their list as one of the 19 dating and relationship bloggers! See full list here.