Important Answers to Your Valentine’s Day Dilemmas

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on you. If you are like many people, you not only have mixed feelings about the holiday, but you also have some uncertainty about how—or whether—to celebrate it. Here are some tested tips and answers to the most common questions and dilemmas. 1. Why can’t I just ignore the holiday—and save my money? I don’t recommend putting on blinders and skipping the holiday. Ignoring it is like closing up your heart. You … [Read more...]

How to Make (And Keep!) Smart New Year’s Dating Resolutions

Yes—it is that time of year again when we vow to make important changes in our lives. I cheer for you—even if making New Year’s resolutions may not be the only—or necessarily the best—time to make them. Why? The New Year is one of those emotionally powerful dates that can motivate us. But it can also demotivate us. Here are the top reasons that our New Year’s resolutions don’t tend to hold up for very long. As you read them, jot down the ideas … [Read more...]

Why You Should Stop Thinking That “Being Nice” in a Relationship Is a Weakness

Being nice has gotten a bad rap in relationships. Many of the women in my study said they feared that being nice made them look weak, too pliable and disrespected. First, let’s look at the benefits for you individually and for you and your intimate partner. Hopefully, when you read the list below, you will change your thinking about being nice from being weak to being caring and savvy.Speak up—yes! But it is both what you say and how you say … [Read more...]

How to Stop Arguing About Political Differences in Your Intimate Relationships

Oh, no, it’s not just a national election year but an especially heated one! So, I am not surprised that many of the couples I counsel have added to their list of issues their political differences.   Some of my clients have made statements such as: “For the first time in our marriage we had to call a truce on talking about politics.” “This election has uncovered negative feelings I have for my partner—and it really scares … [Read more...]

Your Intuitive Guide To Healthy Friendships

Do you have close friends? Or, do you tend to surround yourself with “friendlies?” Social research continues to show that having a few close friends reduces stress and depression, boosts your immune system, and increases happiness and productivity. But what do you do if your close friends don’t turn out to be supportive and caring? Many social researchers have long known the negative effect of isolation on health, but new research … [Read more...]