Exclusive Interview with Dr. LeslieBeth Wish & Maggie Linton on XM Sirius talk about LOVE, Work & LIFE!

https://soundcloud.com/lovevictory/dr-lesliebeth-wish-maggie-linton-on-xm-sirius-radio … … [Read more...]

How to Stop Arguing About Political Differences in Your Intimate Relationships

Oh, no, it’s not just a national election year but an especially heated one! So, I am not surprised that many of the couples I counsel have added to their list of issues their political differences.   Some of my clients have made statements such as: “For the first time in our marriage we had to call a truce on talking about politics.” “This election has uncovered negative feelings I have for my partner—and it really scares … [Read more...]

Intuitive Guide To Finding Your Passion And Purpose – Part 2

In Part One, in a few steps, I discussed why passion and purpose are important to well-being. The last step included a way for you to find your passion. I ended Part One with this message: In Part Two you will learn a potent force that holds you back. Hmmm…What could that be? What do you think is the most powerful force that can either allow you to move forward—or to hold back? Hint: Well, you weren’t hatched! If you guessed something like … [Read more...]

How to Fix Pre-Mature Sex Regret

So you like someone—or at least are very attracted to him or her—and boom! You have sex. It could even be great sex, but then the next day or the next, you experience uncertainty and even anxiety about your having sex so soon. (And, yes, men do experience this reaction, too!) What do you do? How do you deal with your feelings? Should you call the person? But what do you say?  Or perhaps it’s best just to move on. My clients and research … [Read more...]

Shhhh! Top Secrets to Using Stress to Improve Performance

If you are like most people, you might be anxious about conducting a workshop giving a presentation in a meeting or speaking in public to a large group. No matter how well you know the material, your mind goes blank, your fingers and arms feel cold as more blood is sent to your brain, and you shiver as a result. Yet, at the same time, your palms are clammy and your brow feels damp. And, again, if you are like most people, you say in silence … [Read more...]