Valentine’s Day Dating Advice & Signs of a Bad Relationship

Valentine's Day has more than candy and flowers to offer you. Could your love partner be doing too much or too little? Valentine's Day is a good holiday for seeing your intimate partner or date in a new way.   Here are some dating advice tips and possible signs of a bad or unhealthy relationship that could apply to your intimate partner or date. … [Read more...]

Dating Advice: Are You Single on Valentine’s Day? Here are Tips that Can Make You Feel Happy!

Are you single on Valentine's Day?  Are you not happy about it?  This is a short video with some tips--including dating advice--that can make you feel happy and good about you! Perhaps you went through a bad break up a while ago. Or, perhaps you are widowed What can you do to feel happier and better about you? These tips will help you starting thinking about dating, meeting people--and not being down on love or you! … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Swearing Off Love After a Breakup

It is tempting to shut down your heart after a breakup. Yes--it is a good idea to take time off in between relationships--but time is not the only wise step. You will learn the dangers of walling up your heart. And you will learn tips based on research with thousands of women. For example, you will learn why dropping out of the dating scene makes you Rusty. This video a little longer than five minutes. These tips come from my research- based … [Read more...]

Dating Advice: Learn to Use Your Intuition So You Never Get Hurt or Used Again in Love

It is so easy to get emotionally hurt in love. After all, dating is more than "trial and error." It can be "trial and learn!" Your intuition at reading people, at trusting your judgment, and listening to your intuition are all important factors in making life decisions. Watch this video to learn some tested, successful tips. … [Read more...]

Dating Advice: Learn Unique Ways to Feel Happy During the Holidays

If you're single and feeling lonely, there are a few things you can do to feel better right away. I will share dating advice that will empower you to spend you time now getting ready to attract and keep the love of your life. … [Read more...]