What We Can Learn about Our Love Intuition from Investigation Discovery’s “He Lied About Everything” about Benita Alexander and Paolo Macchiarini

Emmy-award winning NBC investigative producer Benita Alexander became the subject of her own investigation when she discovered that her fiancé, the internationally respected transplant physician Paolo Macchiarini , was not what he seemed.  With the help of Discovery Investigation she learned the truth about his lies. She was also a single mother of a young daughter, and at the time that she met with the famous and very handsome Paolo … [Read more...]

How to Keep From Going Back to a Previous Relationship for the Wrong Reasons

Well, you say to yourself, you were young when you met. Or, one of you was going through hard times. And now you are both more mature, and no one else either of you has dated even comes close to being a good match.   Oh, there are lots of reasons! For one, statistics are really against you. Okay—I know that reliable statistical information is actually a risk assessment based on a large, representative sample, and that the findings may not … [Read more...]

Are You Being Too Picky About Relationship Deal Breakers? Or Not Picky Enough!?

Not sure if your relationship is a go or not? How do you know if your deal breaker checklist is too long—or too short? And should you have a deal breaker checklist at all? The answer is: Yes, you should have this kind of checklist. The issue is not whether you should have one but rather what’s on that list. Your checklist should have your emotional needs statements. You can have several emotional needs. The goal is to know you.  Here are … [Read more...]

5 Signs That He Might Be Cheating on You

Here are some thoughts that might surprise you.  There is not necessarily a type of person who cheats. Even nice people can be cheaters—and this concept can cloud your ability to see the signs that your partner is a cheater. How many times have you watched true crime shows such as Dateline where the spouse or the entire town says something like:  “He was a pillar of the community,”   or “She should have known about his love affairs?” So, … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Dating Advice & Signs of a Bad Relationship

Valentine's Day has more than candy and flowers to offer you. Could your love partner be doing too much or too little? Valentine's Day is a good holiday for seeing your intimate partner or date in a new way.   Here are some dating advice tips and possible signs of a bad or unhealthy relationship that could apply to your intimate partner or date. … [Read more...]