Words To Empower You To Be Your Best Self in the New Year 2015

Graphic of people with talk bubblesWords to Empower You to be Your Best Self in the New Year 2015

Sometimes, an inspirational quote spurs me to my best self.  For many years, I’ve been writing my own quotes and testing them with my clients.  I thought I’d pass on to you some of the ones that have worked the best for me and them! Here are 12 quotes—one for every month.

1.  It is not where you started but where you end up!

2.  Want to feel successful?  Look first at what you have overcome!

3.  It is not “Trial and Error” but instead “Trial and Learn.”

4.  Remember that your negative thoughts about you originated from your parents’ thoughts about THEMSELVES–and NOT you!  And your parents’ thoughts came from their parents and so on!

5.  When it comes to falling in love, connect with your goodness–not your weakness.

6.  Growth and happiness require the emotional bravery to face you—and, if necessary, to grow away from your parents’ way.

7.  It is not what you were like then but how you are now!

8.  It matters less how long it took you to bloom. Flowers are beautiful in their own time.

9.  To override your fears, make friends with your anxiety.  Shake its hand so that one day you can shake it off.

10.  Travel involves going down the wrong road once in a while.  So does becoming YOU!

11.  The first step on your journey is the hardest.  Ask a friend to spur you on.

12.  It is better to be overwhelmed with choices than to volunteer to close a door on opportunity!

I hope these tips inspire you.  My goals are to help you get emotionally brave, smart, and intuitive so you can discover your own version of happiness, success, and purpose.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy, productive, loving, and fun new year!


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