Intuitive Guide To Finding Your Passion And Purpose – Part 2

In Part One, in a few steps, I discussed why passion and purpose are important to well-being. The last step included a way for you to find your passion. I ended Part One with this message: In Part Two you will learn a potent force that holds you back. Hmmm…What could that be? What do you think is the most powerful force that can either allow you to move forward—or to hold back? Hint: Well, you weren’t hatched! If you guessed something like … [Read more...]

Scared of Falling In Love? 5 Effective Ways to “Road-Test” Your New Relationship

Oh, how wonderfully frightening that first fullness of falling in love! But like most balloons, after a while, the fear of being known and loved and accepted flattens our feelings a bit, and we now wonder how much of the air of love will seep out.   And even though we cannot predict everything our partner might do, we still want some way of lessening the odds that all the air of love disappears. Here are the top, effective actions that … [Read more...]

Intuitive Guide To Finding Your Passion And Purpose – Part 1

Most of us want to feel that we matter. But there are people, events, and forces in the universe that can make us feel as though we don’t “count.” It’s easy to believe in our insignificance, especially when we consider some things such as: Fame and fortune seem to fool many people into thinking they matter a lot and that the rest of us don’t. Wars and killings make us feel powerless. Recent scientific discoveries about the size of the … [Read more...]

Loving, Living and Working with Narcissistic People

Not sure how to deal with a demanding and self-important person? Do you know what to do if you fear your intimate partner--and want to break up? Or, perhaps you have a difficult boss whom you need to please? Dr. LeslieBeth Wish helps you understand what really lurks inside these people--and how to deal wisely and cautiously with them. … [Read more...]

Your Intuitive Guide To Success

Ever wonder why some people are more successful than others? Do you explain it away by believing that luck and high profile family connections are the key factors? Well, yes, these two reasons certainly can’t hurt—but then how do you explain why people without these advantages also succeed?  If you do an Internet search for books and articles about success, you could feel so overwhelmed that you end up not taking any action at all. Sound … [Read more...]