Intuitive Guide To Finding Your Passion And Purpose – Part 1

Most of us want to feel that we matter. But there are people, events, and forces in the universe that can make us feel as though we don’t “count.” It’s easy to believe in our insignificance, especially when we consider some things such as: Fame and fortune seem to fool many people into thinking they matter a lot and that the rest of us don’t. Wars and killings make us feel powerless. Recent scientific discoveries about the size of the … [Read more...]

Loving, Living and Working with Narcissistic People

Not sure how to deal with a demanding and self-important person? Do you know what to do if you fear your intimate partner--and want to break up? Or, perhaps you have a difficult boss whom you need to please? Dr. LeslieBeth Wish helps you understand what really lurks inside these people--and how to deal wisely and cautiously with them. … [Read more...]

Are You Being Too Picky About Relationship Deal Breakers? Or Not Picky Enough!?

Not sure if your relationship is a go or not? How do you know if your deal breaker checklist is too long—or too short? And should you have a deal breaker checklist at all? The answer is: Yes, you should have this kind of checklist. The issue is not whether you should have one but rather what’s on that list. Your checklist should have your emotional needs statements. You can have several emotional needs. The goal is to know you.  Here are … [Read more...]

How to Begin Expressing Your Romantic Feelings for Your Best Friend

One of the common plot lines of romantic comedies involves a relationship that has to change from a best of friends into a romantic couple. The standard story elements are that one person has more intimate feelings for the other person. Or, each person doesn’t really know how she or he feels for the other until the last minute. We love these relationships because, well, so many of us identify with them. So, just what should you do if you … [Read more...]

Dating Advice: Learn to Use Your Intuition So You Never Get Hurt or Used Again in Love.

It is so easy to get emotionally hurt in love. After all, dating is more than "trial and error." It can be "trial and learn!" Your intuition at reading people, at trusting your judgment, and listening to your intuition are all important factors in making life decisions. Watch this video to learn some tested, successful tips. … [Read more...]