How to Stop Choosing a Very Wrong Partner & Choose Someone Only a Little Wrong

What? Am I saying that you should choose a wrong person for your love partner? No, of course not. But hang in there with me. I’ll be discussing how to avoid really choosing wrong, and choosing wisely and realistically instead. After I read author’s Alain de Botton’s May 29, 2016 article, “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person,” in the Wall St Journal, I thought about my research findings about love. He makes very important points. I will … [Read more...]

How to Keep From Falling for the Top Dating Myths

Even the most seasoned dater can end up falling for one of the top dating myths — and not be aware of it! We may not know the origin of each of these beliefs, but ever since at least the Middle Ages in Europe, the intensity of falling in love and the longing for someone are with us now. Here are some top tips about why you shouldn’t fall for certain dating myths — and how to prevent acting on them.  This advice is based on the solid research … [Read more...]

Relationship Deal Breakers

Valentine’s Day comes around every year, and whether you get really excited about the holiday, or absolutely loathe the holiday, usually depends on whether or not you have a significant other on February 14. Sometimes relationships end for very good reasons, sometimes they end for very bad reasons, and sometimes they end for totally absurd reasons! Dr. LeslieBeth Wish is an award-winning, nationally honored psychotherapist and author of … [Read more...]

How to Fix Your Dating Rut Now!

Not having any luck with online dating? You are not alone. In a Wall St. Journal, December 29,2015, article, “A Better Love Life in 2016,” experts offer their tips for the most common questions from readers. The relationship expert, Dr. Ish Major, recommends: Go to places that interest you so you can find people who share your interests Make eye contact and smile. Look presentable. Develop hobbies and then go to events to meet … [Read more...]

Are You Being Too Picky About Relationship Deal Breakers? Or Not Picky Enough!?

Not sure if your relationship is a go or not? How do you know if your deal breaker checklist is too long—or too short? And should you have a deal breaker checklist at all? The answer is: Yes, you should have this kind of checklist. The issue is not whether you should have one but rather what’s on that list. Your checklist should have your emotional needs statements. You can have several emotional needs. The goal is to know you.  Here are … [Read more...]