Dating Advice Tips Video

Here are some dating advice tips for you about how to boost your dating intuition, read the telltale signs, and make smart love! The goal is for you to trust your judgement about your dating and love. But how do you do that? (This video is from the outstanding organization and website,, which helps families and couples heal and build strong, healthy family life.) Start with these steps: 1. Practice reading … [Read more...]

11 Lifestyle Signs of a Bad Relationship

It’s difficult enough to meet someone who seems like a good love match.  But then, over time, things happen between you and your partner that make you wonder:  “Is this the right person for me?” It seems as though it should be such an easy question to answer.  But once you fall in love, your head and heart can conspire to make you minimize your unhappiness.  As the saying goes, love really can make you blind. Research about marriage reveals … [Read more...]

10 Things to Remember With Opposite-Sex Friends

Here is the age-old question: Can a man and woman be friends and stay strictly platonic? The answer is “Yo and Nes”—each word, as you can see, is a combination of Yes and No. So, how do you know if your friendship with a person of the opposite sex might cross over into “dangerous territory?” In the movie When Harry Met Sally, Harry declares that men and women can never really be friends because “sex always gets in the way.” In other words, at … [Read more...]