3 Things to Do if Colleges Reject You

Colleges Rejected You? Learn Top Tips of Intuitive Parents and Students—and Get Accepted! Got rejected or wait-listed by your college or grad school? I got rejected in my senior year in high school by all the colleges I applied to! And, later, I got rejected on my first attempts at applying to graduate programs. And guess what? I graduated from prestigious colleges and graduate schools! You don’t need a degree in college navigation. … [Read more...]

The Intuitive Parent Ten Commandments

Of course, there are more than ten tips about parenting! But an idea came to me that perhaps I could re-fashion the Bible's Ten Commandments to apply to parents. As a disclaimer--I am not endorsing one religion or religious beliefs or texts over any other religions, texts, beliefs or behavior. I do hope, though, that you find these tips helpful. 1. Thou shalt not express favor or compare other people’s children to your own. (Don’t make your … [Read more...]