How to Keep From Being Blindsided in Your Love Life

Have you ever felt shocked that your intimate partner turned out to be really different from how he or she seemed in the beginning?  Or, after you’ve been in a love relationship for a while, have you minimized disturbing qualities in your partner in order to stay together to keep the peace—even if you are terribly unhappy? In my five years of research with thousands of couples—and in my many years of counseling even more—I’ve learned the top … [Read more...]

How to Fix Your Dating Rut Now!

Not having any luck with online dating? You are not alone. In a Wall St. Journal, December 29,2015, article, “A Better Love Life in 2016,” experts offer their tips for the most common questions from readers. The relationship expert, Dr. Ish Major, recommends: Go to places that interest you so you can find people who share your interests Make eye contact and smile. Look presentable. Develop hobbies and then go to events to meet … [Read more...]

How to Begin Expressing Your Romantic Feelings for Your Best Friend

One of the common plot lines of romantic comedies involves a relationship that has to change from a best of friends into a romantic couple. The standard story elements are that one person has more intimate feelings for the other person. Or, each person doesn’t really know how she or he feels for the other until the last minute. We love these relationships because, well, so many of us identify with them. So, just what should you do if you … [Read more...]

5 Signs That He Might Be Cheating on You

Here are some thoughts that might surprise you.  There is not necessarily a type of person who cheats. Even nice people can be cheaters—and this concept can cloud your ability to see the signs that your partner is a cheater. How many times have you watched true crime shows such as Dateline where the spouse or the entire town says something like:  “He was a pillar of the community,”   or “She should have known about his love affairs?” So, … [Read more...]

What Your Marriage Proposal Could Tell You About Your Relationship

The way your partner proposed to you might allow you to see into your future with this person. Good card players can detect “tells”—those unconscious behaviors that give away information about a player’s hand. When my clients described their feelings of disappointments or exhilaration about their proposal, a warning light went off in my head. A few years later, when these same couples came to see me for counseling, I realized the proposal … [Read more...]