Should I Get Back with my Ex?

If breaking up with your man was a good idea, you still might have feelings for your ex—even years later. Don’t act on those feelings until you have done your emotional homework. Here are the top ideas to make you think. … [Read more...]

Break Up Advice – How To Deal With Your Ex Boyfriend

Yes—you broke up because it wasn’t working. Every relationship has unique details about unhappiness. You may still harbor some doubts, but, for now at least, breaking up feels the right thing to do. It wasn’t easy—regardless if the relationship was very bad or just not a good match with a person who was good! You may already know that your next steps after you close that door on this relationship are to: Learn about you and this … [Read more...]

How to Move on After a Break up

Perhaps the end of your most recent relationship is a good thing regardless of who did the leaving. But now what’s the best next step for you? Every situation has different details, but here are the top things to consider that emerged from my research and work with thousands of women. … [Read more...]

How to Break Up – Test Your Break Up Smarts.

Sometimes you just have to end the relationship. But what are the best ways? Test your Break Up Smarts and take this quick quiz. Break Up Quiz 1. Suzanne knows it’s not going to work out with Ron. They’ve been dating for a few months, and she already sees that Ron is selfish and controlling. The best way for Suzanne to break up is: … [Read more...]

Top Break Up Quotes that Help you Heal and Grow

Even if you are the one saying good-bye in an intimate relationship, you still may not feel strong, wise and happily single and alone again. It is normal to feel scared and doubtful about your decision to leave. … [Read more...]