What Are The Ten Love Commandments?

One day, “out of the blue,” when I was trying to find ways to help my clients, the idea of writing a list of Ten Love Commandments came to mind.   My clients and research participants ask me many questions, and one of the most common one is: “How do I keep that spark alive with my partner?” All love relationships need tending—and most especially your intimate love relationship. But, oops! It’s too easy for busy schedules, … [Read more...]

Boundaries in Relationships – How to Set them & Choose Your Battles.

Part 2 of 2: The Most Common Situations that Drive You Crazy or Make You Lose that Loving Feeling I’ve often told my clients that at any moment World War III could break out in your intimate relationship—if you let it. You really do have to pick your battles and your moment, tone, words, and emotional intensity. Here are some key ideas from Part 1. Quick Review: Managing relationship disappointments, setbacks and hurt require skills … [Read more...]

When and How to Set Limits, Draw the Line and Pick Your Battles in a Relationship.

Part 1 of 2: General Relationship Guidelines. When you’re unhappy in love, it’s often hard to know if you are being too picky, too “sensitive” or just wrong in your assessment of the situation. You wonder what “counts” as being a legitimate reason for you to fall out of love or feel distant from your partner. Should you break up if your partner cheats on you, hits you, lies to you? Just how do you know how to set limits, draw the line and … [Read more...]