How to Never Miss a Relationship Red Flag Again!

Even people who are good at reading the behavior of others can miss those red flags that send a warning wave.   Here is a list of the top reasons why we misread—or dismiss—these signals. This list is based on the solid research of others and on my research with thousands of couples over the course of many, many years. But why do we miss them? You can get better at reading people! Top Reasons Why You Miss Relationship Red … [Read more...]

How to Stop Choosing a Very Wrong Partner & Choose Someone Only a Little Wrong

What? Am I saying that you should choose a wrong person for your love partner? No, of course not. But hang in there with me. I’ll be discussing how to avoid really choosing wrong, and choosing wisely and realistically instead. After I read author’s Alain de Botton’s May 29, 2016 article, “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person,” in the Wall St Journal, I thought about my research findings about love. He makes very important points. I will … [Read more...]

How to Keep From Being Blindsided in Your Love Life

Have you ever felt shocked that your intimate partner turned out to be really different from how he or she seemed in the beginning?  Or, after you’ve been in a love relationship for a while, have you minimized disturbing qualities in your partner in order to stay together to keep the peace—even if you are terribly unhappy? In my five years of research with thousands of couples—and in my many years of counseling even more—I’ve learned the top … [Read more...]

Relationship Deal Breakers

Valentine’s Day comes around every year, and whether you get really excited about the holiday, or absolutely loathe the holiday, usually depends on whether or not you have a significant other on February 14. Sometimes relationships end for very good reasons, sometimes they end for very bad reasons, and sometimes they end for totally absurd reasons! Dr. LeslieBeth Wish is an award-winning, nationally honored psychotherapist and author of … [Read more...]

12 Effective Ways for Handling Disagreements

Even the most loving couples have disagreements. And they can have issues that take a long time to resolve. You probably already know the usual tips about dealing with arguments. But before I give you some other tested tips, here is a quick list of the most common tips to refresh your memory. The Most Common Tips to Avoid in Disagreements Don’t use sarcasm. It is a major love-destroyer. Don’t compare your partner to his her family members … [Read more...]