Relationship Deal Breakers

Valentine’s Day comes around every year, and whether you get really excited about the holiday, or absolutely loathe the holiday, usually depends on whether or not you have a significant other on February 14. Sometimes relationships end for very good reasons, sometimes they end for very bad reasons, and sometimes they end for totally absurd reasons! Dr. LeslieBeth Wish is an award-winning, nationally honored psychotherapist and author of … [Read more...]

How to Fix Your Dating Rut Now!

Not having any luck with online dating? You are not alone. In a Wall St. Journal, December 29,2015, article, “A Better Love Life in 2016,” experts offer their tips for the most common questions from readers. The relationship expert, Dr. Ish Major, recommends: Go to places that interest you so you can find people who share your interests Make eye contact and smile. Look presentable. Develop hobbies and then go to events to meet … [Read more...]

How to Fix Pre-Mature Sex Regret

So you like someone—or at least are very attracted to him or her—and boom! You have sex. It could even be great sex, but then the next day or the next, you experience uncertainty and even anxiety about your having sex so soon. (And, yes, men do experience this reaction, too!) What do you do? How do you deal with your feelings? Should you call the person? But what do you say?  Or perhaps it’s best just to move on. My clients and research … [Read more...]

Recipe for Falling in Love at First Sight With the Partner

Is “falling in love at first sight” real? And can it be lasting? My answer is yes to both. True stories and research by experts such as Dr. Helen Fisher support my answer. But—oops!—there is one snafu: You can also fall in love—and remain with—a partner who is not healthy for you. Usually, as Dr. Fisher and others have noted, falling in love at first sight is a mix of physical attraction, sexual desire, emotional attachment and mutual liking. … [Read more...]

4 Most Powerful Dating Questions to Ask Yourself

You’ve read the dating articles. You feel armed with enough of the “right” questions to ask so you’ll never get fooled again. You know to ask about their values, recent breakup, favorite music and movies, where they live, what they do for a living and whether they like animals and their family. Phew! You tell yourself that you are on solid footing. But, oops—don’t relax just yet. My five years of research with thousands of women showed … [Read more...]