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I’m so glad you stopped by to learn from my most effective “tried-revised-and tested” ways to help you train your love intuition so you can make wise love choices.

I learned from hundreds and hundreds of my clients and research participants that even though their intuition may be strong—it can also be wrong! Oh no!

So, you might now be wondering:  “What gets in the way of my intuition being accurate?”

I created this page so you can learn from the videos, tips, and blogs how to know when your intuition is fooling you so you can build one of your most valuable dating and mating abilities: trusting your intuitive judgment.

Please enjoy learning some key love tips from this TEDx Wilmington video that I was honored to give in Wilmington, Delaware, in May 2018.


We love helping others learn about making wise choices in their intimate relationships. All our tested–and retested–tips come from our research with many, many women and couples. We hope these brief videos tips address some of your concerns about dating, mating, and relating, as well as grief, loneliness, and recreating your life.

Oh–and some of them refer to workshops or programs because they were useful during our research. Watch, enjoy and learn!

Reading People

Reading People Accurately

Reading people requires that you master the ability to detect the important things that your date or partner says or does–including those nonverbal signs. This brief video is a starting point for detecting important signs in you–such as changing your dating goal from finding The One to Reading People.

Reading People is a Necessary Skill

One tip for reading people is to know your own intuitive reactions to your dates and mates. This brief video gives you advice on how to detect your emotional, intuitive responses.


The Importance of Liking YOU in the Relationship

Do you respect the ‘You-Who-Is-You” in your relationship? If you don’t like what you’ve become, then you just might want to take a better look at the healthiness of your choice of partner. This brief video gives you some advice.

Take Off Your Love Blinders on Dates

We often see what we want to see when on a date. This video reminds you about taking off your love blinders.


Tips about Relating Better with Your Partner

Great–you just might have found a good partner! But that doesn’t mean that you are done with your love homework. To sustain mutual happiness you also need to learn smart relating tips in this brief video.

Always Act with Love in Your Style of Relating to Your Partner

So you think you have found a good mate! Now you have to work on maintaining a loving atmosphere. This video gives you tips on how to act with a loving style.

Relationship Signs

Signs of a Good Relationship

No relationship is perfect, of course, because no human is perfect. This short video shows you one of the positive signs of a good relationship: Be a TEAM!

One Sign of an Unhealthy Relationship is Lack of Respect

New relationships bring so much hope–so when they go wrong, it is easy to hang onto them even if they are unhealthy. One way to test if your relationship is good and healthy for you is to make sure you both act with mutual respect for each other.

Breaking Up

Breakup Tips

Breakups are not necessarily a bad thing to do. In fact, it could be a very wise thing to do. In this brief video you will learn the importance of stopping to learn before you go ahead with your breakup.

Breaking Up Can Be a Wise Decision Sometimes

Sometimes we hold onto an unhealthy, bad relationship because we have invested our heart and time. But don’t hold on for just those reasons. This brief video will give you some things to consider.


Tips for Widows

Widowhood is a major life challenge. And often family and friends give you advice–especially about love. This brief video reminds you that the rest of your life is YOUR life–and that means making all kinds of decisions, including whether to date.

Widowhood and Dealing with Your Children’s Reaction to Your New Partner

Widowhood is challenging enough. But what if you do fall in love again–and your children don’t react the way you hoped. This brief video can help you.


If you want to learn other tips and advice about love, life, work, and happiness, please visit my Blog Page.

I tend to write about things that bother me–and that I’ve learned are important to people. And I especially feel “a call to write” a blog when a current situation bothers me.

For example, I wrote a blog about the sexual abuse of the U.S. women gymnasts. And I wrote another about a “Dateline” episode where a woman struggled to see finally that her husband was an abusive liar. If you find a topic you would like me to address, please send me an email to drlesliebethwish48@gmail.com, and write in the subject area: BLOG REQUEST. I can’t write about all of them, of course, but I appreciate any ideas that you think will be useful to others.

In case you are wondering: Who is LeslieBeth (LB) Wish? Here is what I think are the most important things to know about me:

1. I’ve been a licensed psychotherapist for decades. I have two undergraduate degrees, two master’s degrees, a doctoral degree, and three years advanced training in marriage, relationships, and family.

2. I’ve counseled thousands of people. I’ve always been especially drawn to issues that I need to understand better. And if I don’t believe that I have enough understanding or solutions for my clients, I do research so you can trust my advice.

3. I can help you answer your relationship questions such as:

  • How do I know if my partner is good for me?
  • What are the signs of a healthy relationship?
  • How do I know for sure that I should break up?
  • How do I risk falling in love again after a bad relationship? Or after being widowed?

4. I’ve learned from my research participants that to be happy in love, you have to be emotionally brave enough to:

  • Face and forgive yourself
  • Feel your fear—but keep going
  • Flourish as your best self
  • Fine-tune your intuition so you can rely on it to be accurate.

If you would like to learn more about me, please go to my Home Page and my About Page.  Thank you again for stopping by.  And thank yourself for already being emotionally brave enough to take more steps to be your best YOU!


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