Welcome to Training Your Love Intuition!  Finding an intimate partner who is good for you is  a challenge for most people.  You are not alone!  Most of us have stumbled–or been fooled in love.
We learned from our research with thousands of people that one of your best  love tools is learning to trust your intuition.
But how do you do that–and who are we to help you?  We are LeslieBeth (LB) Wish, Ed.D., a nationally honored licensed clinical psychotherapist and author, and Carol Morgan, Ph.D, author and professor of communications.
Please take a moment to read the description of each of the workshops. It is important to us that you can trust our advice. All the workshops are based on tested concepts, tips, and exercises that come from our research with all the thousands of people who were in our study.  You will learn how to detect key “tells and signs” in you and others so you can choose a partner more wisely–or get out of unhealthy relationships more quickly.
When you purchase a workshop, you will receive:
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    The Foundations Workshop

    $69.99 $49.99

    This FOUNDATIONS WORKSHOP is, well, just that: The foundational steps that you need to trust your intuition. As in this image, too often your first love move is in the wrong square. 

  • The Reading People Workshop


    When you’re happy in love, you don’t worry whether your partner is good for you.  But if you haven’t been happy in love, you wonder….

  • The Dating Workshop


    Dating is both exciting and scary—and sometimes it is difficult to tell which emotion you are feeling about your date or new love! Why?  Well, look at what’s at stake….

  • Signs of a Good and Bad Relationship


    Okay, so you’ve fallen in love—maybe even moved in—but things aren’t going well at all.  You are devastated.  You’ve tried everything…

  • Breakups Workshop


    Breaking up is one of life’s truly awful feelings.  And sometimes we hold onto a bad relationship for too long—even if we see the signs that things just won’t work out…

  • Relating Workshop


    How is it that some couples stay in love?  Do you wonder what you can do to feel in love again with your partner?Research shows that mutually happy couples do the following…

  • Widows Workshop


    Widowhood disrupts.  It relieves.  It frightens.  It is expected.  It is unexpected. It is not for sissies. Loss of a loved one may be one of the potentially expected things…

  • Inspirational True Stories


    Radical Relationship Resource is a unique, quick-moving book that gives you a different tip on each page to apply to your life. Unlike most books that are meant to be read cover-to-cover, this resource book can be continuously referred to as you encounter relationship issues. Easy to read, yet full of guidance and inspiration that you probably never thought of before, Radical Relationship Resource can be used by anyone who is currently in a relationship, trying to let go of one, or trying to move on.